Ticket Strategy

It seems that more and more frequently our office is being contacted by clients who have a suspended license due to a red-light camera violation.
Text by Stacy Wynn | June 2, 2018 | Lifestyle

A red light camera ticket is generally issued to the vehicle’s registered owner rather than the driver. It’s important to remember that if a vehicle owner lends their automobile out to a friend or family member and a red light camera ticket is issued, the ticket will be sent to the owner of the car. At times, even drivers who make a right turn on a red light, where the right turn is legally permitted, are issued a red-light camera ticket. If a car owner receives a red-light ticket, there are numerous options available to the owner and driver of the car including the right to a hearing on the violations. If a violator chooses to challenge the ticket, the driver or car owner will be given the opportunity to watch the violation on film and then challenge it.

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