The Science Of Love

Please don’t refer to her as the female “Hitch” — she’s more than that. With a background in science, Dawn Maslar, M.S., is an accomplished Author, Speaker and Love Coach — so yes, she’s South Florida’s doctor feel good — for the heart.

Can’t say I was easily convinced that this beautiful svelte blonde with charm for miles ever had a worry or a tiff in the love department. But it was her repeated pattern of attracting Mr. Wrong, and a proclivity for observation and research (she’s an adjunct biology professor) that catapulted her into the world of dating coach. After publishing a book on relationships, she began an intensive study on the science of love. Her groundbreaking findings on the “4 Phases Of Love” have made the science of falling in love easier to comprehend. Based on this work, she partnered with TEDxED to create videos for classrooms as well as general use. Swoon!;