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The Power Of Two

The synergy that exists between Cengiz Bayirli & Giovanna Guzman is undeniable. Both natural leaders, excellent salespeople and highly driven, they are the driving force behind International Realtors Group and Property Invest USA’s ongoing success.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | June 29, 2020 | Design & Real Estate

Entrepreneurs Cengiz Bayirli & Giovanna Guzman, the powerhouse duo at International Realtors Group and Property Invest USA, believe the forecast for 2020 is positive despite the current situation. Every crisis yields many opportunities, and investing in real estate is a smart move for many investors. International Realtors Group is a Real Estate firm based out of Miami that specializes in residential and commercial real estate from Miami to Orlando, while its subsidiary Property Invest USA, sells high-yield investment income-producing properties in Baltimore with a minimum 10% net return. The dynamic duo is constantly innovating and bouncing ideas off of each other, and each one brings to the table a unique set of skills. Bayirli has a deep knowledge in investment and real estate analysis, while Guzman has a background in interior deign and the luxury property market. She is best known for her attention to detail, customer service and professionalism, which has positioned her as one of South Florida’s most successful real estate brokers for the domestic and international market. She travels the world to promote high-end developments in South Florida, such as Missoni Baia and Aston Martin. Bayirli, originally from Turkey, also has an extensive international background and was a pioneer in Turkey as the first to represent some of Miami’s most prominent luxury developments in the country, including St. Regis, Icon Brickell and Trump Hollywood. His ability to sell and his bargaining and closing power has led him to establish himself as a highly successful salesman and businessman internationally. Together they’re unstoppable;