The Millionaire’s App

The VIP Black App takes window-shopping to a whole new level. For a mere $999.99, the world’s first premium lifestyle app allows users to check out an extensive catalog of luxury splurges just begging to be purchased.

From the emperor’s threads to commissioned art works, signed copies of rare books and dinner with your favorite celebrities, you’ll surely find something that tickles your fancy. But don’t start emptying out your piggy bank just yet…before you can browse the offerings, you have to make it through a strenuous vetting process — to ensure you have enough money to actually buy what catches your eye. Member benefits include priority access, preferred rates and a bevy of other bells and whistles. Not sure you want to spend nearly $1,000 to download an app that will surely tempt you to shell out more of your networth than you’re willing to part with? Download the VIP Red free preview app for a sneak peek. After all, everyone knows if you can see it, you can buy it.