The Mentor

In her role as Academic Director for the Professional MBA at Miami Herbert Business School, Amy Agramonte is charged with creating a successful environment through not only curriculum development, but also by way of community development.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | Photo courtesy of Miami Herbert Business School | April 26, 2021 | People

“When I get a message that says, ‘Hey professor, I was awarded a scholarship and stood out because of the work I did in your class’ and I know that I’ve been one of the shepherds along the way, I feel that’s the fulfillment of my mission.”

Every day that Amy Agramonte, Academic Director for the Professional MBA and Online MBA at Miami Herbert Business School, steps on campus, she gets goosebumps. “Walking from Pavia Garage to the Business School, passing any combination of ibis, ducks, iguanas and students — not to mention the supremely gorgeous landscape! — it’s all a little surreal,” she says. “This is one of the tightest communities I’ve  ever experienced in my life and career. Even as a new faculty member, I had help to get me started, sage advice and general support — everyone was cheering me on. I see the amount of talent around me daily. I see how deeply the faculty care about the outcomes for the students. It’s palpable.” In recent history, the Miami Herbert Business School has invested in an important redesign of the MBA program. “This has been a huge undertaking that has spanned over the last 18 months or so,” she says. “Being on the leading edge of business, it was imperative that the School reviews and improves on an ongoing basis.” The team was led by Dr. Patricia Abril and, with her team, they evaluated the entirety of the curriculum based on alignment with University missions as well as the competitive landscape. Understanding what is driving business, what skills top talent needs to possess and what is the next phase of innovation — they are providing a competitive course load that will prepare students to be exactly that top talent. To be specific, they have increased emphasis on data analysis and digital technologies. They are focused on leading the way on sustainability, including a Master of Science in Sustainable Business. Miami Herbert Business School offers courses in leadership that help students develop skills to take positions in upper management. There is also a significant portion that is being dedicated to experiential learning, and they are continuing to grow this particular enrichment. “The industry at large is calling for nimble, independent decision-makers,” she says. “We are arming our students with tools and resources to be valuable members of any organization they choose to enter.”