The Gift Of Excellence

In place of a long list of resolutions that end up empty promises, or some sparkling new material possession that will only give temporary gratification to an immediate desire, give yourself the greatest gift you have ever had this holiday season and dive into self-discovery while building a tribe of brilliance.
Text by Francesca Cruz | June 9, 2018 | Lifestyle

A quote I recently discovered, one that has become a maxim in the last year is Jim Rohn’s idea that you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Take a good look around you. Observe. Who would those individuals be for you? How do they add to, or diminish, your quality of life, experience and growth — and, of course, vice-versa?
We’re not always dealt the best cards from the deck, but life isn’t necessarily about holding good cards, it’s about playing those you hold well. And it’s about learning to select wisely at what poker table you decide to play and who you play with. It’s never too late to surround yourself with genius, and build your tribe. Friendships define a person’s life; it’s the basis for every relationship. Those you allow into your circle influence you. “Some are born with extraordinary gifts, but those not born with genetic advantages can choose to ignite the genius within by being amongst brilliance,” says Bestselling Author & President of Genuine Insights, Inc., Gina Rudan.
However, in order to accomplish Rudan’s challenge, you need to ponder a couple of key questions about yourself. Who are you? What are your assets? Your abilities? What motivates you? What are you passionate about? Are you an introvert or an extrovert? What are your goals? Self-knowledge is the key that will unleash every possibility in your life. To know your virtues, your shortcomings, and to head in the direction of your life’s purpose is powerful, and that equates to having a compass in hand that faces true north of success.
Eduardo Briceño, CEO of Mindset Works, believes that success is about the “growth mindset” and about understanding that you’re not chained to your current capabilities. “Neuroscience shows that the brain is very malleable and we can change our own ability to think and to perform,” he says. “People with fixed mindsets are more concerned with being judged, while individuals with growth mindsets focus the most on learning.”
If the first factor is to recognize what your strengths and weaknesses are along with grasping the importance of a mindset, the next logical step needed is gathering into your circle those whom you admire — those individuals you acknowledge are doing something extraordinary in life — and bring them into what Rudan has coined Your Board Of Directors.
Include a mentor, a motivator, a creative, a millennial [this is big for those individuals not tech-savvy], the exotic foreigner, an entrepreneur, the wise elder — select your tribe members accordingly and make sure they are positive and action-oriented. Although this can be done on a more colloquial level, if there’s someone you admire that’s mainstream — let’s say a Deepak Chopra, for instance — don’t let that hold you back. Even if they are unable to take part in your immediate clan, don’t be afraid to seek their advice, knowledge or a consoling word.
Reach out to him or her, via email, snail mail or maybe even just signing up to their weekly newsletter. They may or may not respond, but your intention has been set forth and the universe will acknowledge the caliber of individuals you now want to attract into your life. You can make it a daily habit of setting an hour of your time aside to view a Ted Talk, an informative YouTube video or to listen to podcasts of motivational speakers or those unique human beings who are changing the world…thus creating a sort of virtual tribe.
The only thing that limits possibility is a lack of faith and imagination. You want the information you are exposed to and the people around you to be motivating factors in your everyday existence. Don’t live a scripted life, or one shackled to fear. Entrepreneur & Live Your Legend Founder Scott Dinsmore puts it best: “The fastest way to do things you think can’t be done is to surround yourself with passionate people who are already doing them,” he says. “People around you matter, environment is everything. Don’t change your goals, change your environment.”

Best You
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