The A-Z Of WOW

In this new decade, throwaway fashion and beauty trends have become passé. We’re all looking for magnificent pieces and products that make us feel divine and have a lasting impact on our overall vibe and cache. Leading designers have responded with Spring/Summer collections that focus on legacy buys for style aficionados of every taste.
Words by Zelda Grant | Trends by Ana Claudia Negri & Isabella Markman | February 28, 2020 | Fashion
A is for Atelier. This is where the magic happens. We all know what Haute Couture is. It’s the French term for to-die-for high fashion and deliciously exclusive collections. The expensive fabrics sewn together with painstaking detail that is an art form in itself. Where does this fashion wizardry take place? At an atelier, of course.  

B is for Bermuda Shorts. Despite having been around just about forever, Bermudas remain one of the most unique pant options around. They’re stylish and just plain fun. This season, designers Bottega Veneta, Chloe, Givenchy and others bring us the Bermuda shorts pantsuit. Workday chic, West Coast cool, it’s the next step in the evolution of the bike short trend.
C is for Crochet. Grandma’s crochet is big this Spring. You’ll find it on ultra-feminine dresses and sharp suits — even eveningwear is embracing the soft look of crochet. There’s something special about a piece made by hand using a technique past down for generations. These pieces are closet staples and fashion heirlooms that never go out of style.
D is for Double-Breasted. Dubbed an “impeachable style move” by GQ, these are not your grandfather’s double-breasted suits or even your father’s. Whether it’s totally extravagant and show-offy, in a unique plaid or plush velvet, or a more conventional toned down stripe, don’t overthink it. When it doubt, combine it with a t-shirt for an instant edgy look. 
E is for Exaggerated Eyes. Eyes are the focus of the moment. The red carpets and runways are full of utterly glamorous, hyperbole-inspired shapes, using softly blurred and blended blocks of color so they’re not so defined. Glitter eye shadows inspired by the 1970s disco era is enjoying a rebirth, allowing you to rock the over-the-topness of it all even further. 
F is for Flamboyance When you can rock a show-stopping outfit, sometimes it doesn’t matter much if things match or not. The ‘70s began melding with the ‘80s, ‘90s and beyond at the turn of the decade and will continue to do so through the haute summer months. Go ahead, play dress-up like when you were a kid and raided your parents and older sibling’s closets. Nostalgia is hot! hot! hot!   
G is for Garters. Sensual garter belt details added some racy boudoir elements to the 2020 Spring runways. There were literal garter belts beneath chic blazers at Thierry Mugler, cutting-edge designs at Vera Wang’s moody romantic show, and in Dion Lee’s new lingerie-inspired looks, as well as more subtle tributes to this unique accessory at Helmut Lang. They’re expected to show up on even more dresses, tops and skirts this year.
H is for Hot Pants. The term “hot pants” dates back to 1970 when it was first used to describe a shocking new style seen on the runways and on the streets. These bodacious “short shorts” made a comeback splash on the 2020 runways from delightfully daring knit shorts at Hermés and Ferragamo, to courageous spandex at Brandon Maxwell’s, to more tradition yet still high-style denim cutoffs at Rag & Bone.
I is for Iridescent. Neon, animal prints, shoulder pads — the 1980s are back. So what’s a designer to do when they want to take outrageous yet one step further? They go iridescent. Chanel’s iridescent black wools crepe jackets and pants with an iridescent navy silk blouse were showstoppers on Margaret Qualley at the recent SAG Awards. Best of all, it crosses gender spectrums.
J is for Jacket. Aviator and bomber jackets, biker jackets, café racer jackets, field jackets — men’s leather jackets come in many shapes and forms and you can’t go wrong with any of the classics. What makes it doubly impressive is that it’s the only item of clothing that will actually look better after years of hard use.
K is for Knotted Headbands. While last year’s padded headband isn’t actually “out,” fashionistas will want to wrap their locks with the new knotted versions for 2020. They were seen both on the runways and in the crowds, so you’ll need to get one quick to catch up. A unique feature of this trend is the opportunity to get some affordable yet bespoke creations from local artisans, thrift stores and online retailers. 
L is for Lapel. The lapel is an often-overlooked component of a man’s (or woman’s) jacket that can play an important role in determining the personality of the piece. Notched lapels, peak lapels, shawl lapels, thin lapels, wide lapels, the newly rejuvenated for 2020 Saturday Night Fever-style lapels. In this anything goes climate, they’re another great way to express your style.
M is for Microbiome skincare. On the surface of the skin is a microbiome of bacteria, fungi and viruses (sounds icky, but it’s useful!). Skincare-obsessed individuals, thanks to science, are now able to boost the healthy bacteria with a three-prong approach: prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics for reduced skin problems and overall improved skin health.
N is for Neon. Fluoro pink, orange, blue, green and yellow have gone from the highlighters on your desk onto the catwalks. These new neons are look-at-me colors that demand a double-take. Valentino leads the craze with haute designs in Stabilo green, fuschia and yellow, along with Christopher Kane, who once said, “I love neon…it’s so manmade, loud and obnoxious!” 
O is for Oxford. From the office to casual weekend drinks with the boys to more formal events, the Oxford shirt is an excellent option for just about any occasion. This tasteful design works with a wealth of ensembles. Feel free to roll up your sleeves or undo a few buttons, it’s about having fun and injecting your own panache.
P is for Puff Sleeves. Romantics (and everyone else) rejoice, the puffed sleeve trend that has been growing for the past few years has hit its stride for 2020. Dramatic incarnations dominated the runways of top names like Carolina Herrera, Simone Rocha, Emilia Wickstead as well as up-and comers. It’s all about adding a bit of awesome oomph to your life and look.
Q is for Quilted. Homespun goes Italian for pre-fall 2020. Salvatore Ferragamo’s quilted black leather jacket was inspired by the “look” of the Monaco Grand Prix. Fendi’s yellow quilted suit is a show-stopping statement-maker. And Versace’s Medusa Puffer Jacket is as radical as it is snuggly.
R is for Roomy Blazers. Bigger is better when it comes to blazers. Oversized and roomy, structured or unstructured, this is comfy chic at its finest. Keep up the live-life-large theme with vibrant colors or add a classic edge to this new silhouette with houndstooth. Jacquemus, Balenciaga, Lavin and Salvatore Ferragamo. Go big or go home.
S is for Shirts. It’s time for the simple shirt’s closeup. They are an essential part of modern minimalism, utilizing items we already have in our closets. Pair them with glamorous floor-length skirts, boxy leather trousers, ‘70s corduroy or even a micro-mini. It’s sensible meets couture — and it’s magnificent!
T is for Tropical. Fashion designers have captured “paradise” for Spring/Summer 2020. Nature and fruit-inspired prints are all the rage, with Giorgio Armani embracing luxuriant palm leaves, Fendi’s optical blooms and Versace’s global headline-making tropical jungle of a closing dress worn by J. Lo. It doesn’t even need to be said this trend is especially suited to Miami’s sunny staples.
U is for Utility Jumpsuits. Ah, the beauty of a jumpsuit, the ultimate in carefree dressing for both men and women. This one-stop look is a go-to for 2020 with brands like Zimmermann, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Jonathan Simkhai and many others creating striking designs that will make our lives so much easier — and stylish.  
V is for Vests. Stealing men’s fashions is a grand tradition that in many cases actually enhances the femininity of the women wearing them. The vest is one such item. Wear it as part of a 3-piece Burberry or Etro suit or mismatched with Louis Vuitton. The look is dapper and appealing. There is power in a tailored waistcoat.
W is for White. Just imagine, fashion etiquette once dictated that we couldn’t wear white after Labor Day. Whether you opt for ethereal and wafting, trim and laser-cut or ankle length and fitted, white is a statement that deserves to be worn year-round, especially during the crisp South Florida Spring months. 
X is for X-Line. The X-line is universally considered the ultimate silhouette for women with an hourglass shape. Invented in 1947 by Christian Dior as part of his “new look,” the initial collection consisted of tight jackets with round shoulders, super slim waists and wide skirts. The trend has evolved with the times beautifully. 
Y is for Yin & Yang. Could black & white be the tie-dye of 2020? Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney and Loewe are banking on it with their bold black & white creations. Want to take things one step further? Baiman has some in-your-face pieces that make colors anything but sedate. Modern and enduring, black & white is a fashion choice you don’t have to think twice about.
Z is for Zoo. Wild thing, you make our heart sing. Every season has its colors but they’re now joined by a new neutral: animal prints. While they’ve been popular for several seasons, 2020 sees a bold new development, wearing multiple prints at once. Zebra, leopard, cheetah; it’s a virtual zoo for the body — literally from head to toe.