The 2019 TOP 20 Professionals Under Forty

We scoured The Magic City to bring you what we deem to be the next generation of business leaders at the tip of The Sunshine State. These young professionals represent a variety of industries and excel at their respective crafts with superior sophistication and their own unique blend of style and savvy. All have managed to seamlessly balance their careers with their personal lives while continuously giving back to the community that has helped mold them into who they are. Without further ado, flip this page to meet this year’s Top 20 Under 40.

Words by Jorge Arauz
Photograph by Julio Carlos for Dc & Co Studios
Location: DC & CO Studios

Karla Ferguson, 39
CEO & Founder 
Yeelen Group

An award-winning art dealer, collector, creative designer, curator and attorney, Karla Ferguson’s private global sales firm brokers fine art and high-value objects — from Picassos to rare timepieces — to clientele around the world. “A great deal of nurturing and education needs to be given when advising clients on what to acquire for their collections in order to contribute to the historical and ever-changing conversation taking place within the canon of art.”

Jay S. Lipsey, 39
McCombie Group

As a Partner at McCombie Group, a merchant bank focused on buying, selling and improving family businesses, Jay S. Lipsey helps create jobs, sustain communities and enable people to fulfill their personal and professional goals. “Engaging with a wide range of people socially teaches you how to connect the dots later on professionally,” he says. “The more people you can make introductions for, the more valuable introductions are made for you.”

John Lenahan, 39
VP – Private Wealth Management

As a leading private wealth manager and strategist for global families, business owners, entrepreneurs and ultra high net worth investors, John Lenahan considers himself a disrupter, constantly challenging traditional models and preconceptions of how money should be managed. “I’m at the forefront of advising on non-traditional return sources, embracing impact investing and integrating technology,” he says. “As a partner to my clients, I strive to have a meaningful impact on the legacy they are creating for their families and society as a whole.” 

Kayla Barrera, 30
Sr. Marketing Manager, Residential 
Swire Properties

Kayla Barrera represents one of Miami’s largest and most transformational developments, Brickell City Centre, creating and executing marketing strategies to effectively help sell and bring awareness to the property, including luxury residential offerings at Reach & Rise. “It’s important to always remain optimistic and to find the positive in everything,” she says. “I don’t see challenges, I see opportunities. The energy you give off affects the world around you, and I always aim to keep everyone around me smiling!”

Dafne Evangelista, 34
Celebrity Hairstylist 
Dafne Beauty Lounge

Making women feel powerful, confident and beautiful is something that Dafne Evangelista strives to achieve each day. In fact, you could say it’s destiny. “My mother has been in the industry for over 30 years and I grew up in her salon,” she says. “I went to college to become a lawyer, but when I moved to the U.S. and became fully independent, I was able to realize my passion to empower people to be the best version of themselves!”

Raúl Leoni, 38
Yacht Broker
Florida Yachts International

On the surface, you quickly realize that Raúl Leoni has made a successful career out of selling anything that floats to clients looking for the perfect vessel to complement their lifestyle, needs and tastes; but in reality, it’s a lot deeper than that. “I share my day-to-day on social media and people always think that I’m permanently on vacation,” he says. “Sure, I get to be around boats, the ocean and the sun on an almost daily basis, but that doesn’t mean I’m not working! It just means I have a cool office!”

Andrea Minski, 38
Journalist, Marketer, Entrepreneur, Influencer, TV Host 

Andrea Minski showcases the best the world has to offer each and every day by telling compelling stories about remarkable people, ways to live happier and how to establish that ever-elusive balance we are all so desperately seeking. “Growing up, I was never afraid of anything, I always wanted to speak up and be a voice for those who were under-served and underrepresented,” she says. “I’ve always sought adventure, wanting to learn new things — and today I’m blessed to be able to share the insights I’ve gained with my audience and with the world!”

Henry Zakkour, 31 
Senior Director of Engineering 
Zakkour Technology Group

From a very young age, Henry Zakkour had always been interested in taking things apart. Today, he and his team of highly skilled engineers at Zakkour Technology Group build mobile applications and custom software for businesses and corporations alike. From medical devices, government projects and VR, to working with start-up entrepreneurs and established professionals looking to create that next big thing. His advice for success? “Surround yourself with people who are incredibly talented and equally driven. This keeps you motivated to always perform at the highest level.”

Haley Moss, 24
Associate Attorney & Autism Advocate
Zumpano Patricios; 

When Haley Moss was sworn in as the first openly autistic lawyer in the State of Florida, her inspiring story catapulted to the national stage. As an attorney, author, artist, public speaker and autism advocate, she has touched countless lives and inspired people of all walks of life to strive to follow their dreams. “The best advice I can give is to be yourself,” she says. “The world needs you and what you have to offer!”

Iris A. Elijah, 33
Associate General Counsel
Florida International University

Born on an Army base to parents who were active duty soldiers, Iris A. Elijah became the first African-American attorney for FIU and the State University System of Florida’s Board of Governors. “As an attorney for FIU, I’m a problem-solver who expands access to higher education and helps develop the next generation of innovators and leaders,” she says. “I always encourage others to remember what’s really important and to surround themselves with a strong network.”

Amy S. Lawrence, 34
VP – Private Client Advisor II
Bank Of America Private Bank

Throughout her financial career, Amy S. Lawrence has provided a who’s who of clients personalized services and cutting-edge tools to help amplify their success. Currently serving as the President of the Miami Finance Forum and the Southeast U.S. Regional Director for the Hedge Fund Association, she regularly advises the Miami DDA on strategies to propel Miami into the future. “I really enjoy advocating for Miami as a financial hub and mentoring our next generation of finance professionals,” she says. “I pride myself on bringing people together for a common purpose and a greater good!”

Stefano Diaz, 25
Dir. of Visual Communications 

Helping their clients engage their core audience to create memorable experiences and ROI, Stefano Diaz and his team at DSignage help businesses and individuals develop better communication strategies and additional sources of revenue through the use of interactive displays and screens, mobile wayfinding, robotics and A.I. “I thrive on out-of-the-box thinking and building long-term relationships through hard work, experience and creativity,” he says. “I love using technology to create solutions for a better world!”

Brittany Berger, 27
Author, 25 & Self-ish & Public Speaker

Best-Selling Author. Public Speaker. Mindset & Wellness Coach. Brittany Berger is unstoppable. Currently, she is writing her second book and working on a sequence of children’s books. She also speaks regularly on a myriad of panels discussing self-love, self-worth, authenticity, women empowerment and enhancing the bridge to work-life balance in business. “I pride myself on genuine authenticity,” she says. “ I’m unapologetically myself, I practice what I preach, and I don’t allow judgment or doubt, of self or from others, to predicate my path or performance in life.”

Edward “Eddie” Borrego, 32
Chief Executive Officer 
Jackson West Medical Center
Jackson Health System

It’s an exciting time for Jackson Health System as it welcomes its first new campus in more than a generation at Jackson West Medical Center in Doral, scheduled to launch in 2020. “In Miami’s highly competitive healthcare market, consumers have choices of where to receive their medical care,” says Jackson West Medical Center CEO Edward “Eddie” Borrego. “Our goal is for Jackson to always be top of mind because of the expert, compassionate, patient-centered care we provide.”

Gotmar Giron, 38 
Dir. of Public Relations & Special Events
Bal Harbour Shops

Gotmar Giron has the pleasure of working with leading high-end retailers from around the globe at the most exclusive shopping destination in the nation. “The opulence and style of Bal Harbour Shops is like no other, and I have the opportunity to do what I love in a beautiful, tropical garden setting at the world’s most productive shopping center,” she says. “In a world that is constantly evolving, it’s important to create and execute strategies that directly engage consumers and invite them to participate in the evolution of a brand.”

Patrick Findaro, 30
Business Development Director 
Visa Franchise

Specializing in helping foreign nationals find business investments that will qualify them for an E-2, L-1, or EB-5 investor visa, Patrick Findaro has advised hundreds of clients from over 40 countries around the world.  “We are the only company that focuses solely on analyzing small businesses, principally franchises, for foreign nationals,” he says. “The most gratifying aspect of what we do is supporting families that have been in physical or political danger move to the U.S.”

Moncy Blanco-Herrera, 39
Ramon, Rodriguez & Blanco-Herrera LLP

As one of Miami’s most in-demand trial lawyers, Moncy Blanco-Herrera helps people get back on their feet after they’ve suffered a terrible loss to their person or home by suing the insurance company that is responsible for the damages. “What sets me apart is the compassion and empathy that I have for my clients,” he says. “As an attorney, you’ve got to communicate your client’s story in a compelling manner if you’re going to get them the result that they deserve.” 

Stephanie Seriane-Consuegra, 28
Sr. Manager, Events & Public Relations
United Way of Miami-Dade

On any given day, one will find Stephanie Seriane-Consuegra performing a wide range of duties in her multi-faceted role with United Way of Miami-Dade — from planning events, to farming media requests, fundraising, confirming speaking engagements and even stuffing goodie bags. “It’s so important to be persistent and get out of your comfort zone,” she says. “It’s easy to do the same thing over and over again and be good at it, everyone should make it a point to challenge themselves and try new things — you may be surprised at the results!”

Ansley Campbell, 32
Account Director 
Kreps DeMaria PR & Marketing

Working with a leading national PR & Marketing agency with an array of clients in various industries, Ansley Campbell wears many hats and possesses more skills than most. “My favorite part about PR is that every day is different, and no two clients are the same, which keeps it fun and exciting and pushes me to be creative,” she says. “The most rewarding aspect of my career is the loyalty and relationships built with clients over the years”

Jeff Segal, 34
Professional Racecar Driver & Founder of GPX Lab

In the high stakes world of racing, two-time Rolex GT champion and winner of the Daytona and Le Mans 24 Hour races, Jeff Segal is a living legend eager to share his expertise with drivers looking for an edge. His motorsports technology company, GPX Lab, uses state-of-the-art computer simulation to yield world-class driver training. “I’ve raced incredible cars on circuits all over the world, banged doors with some of my heroes that I grew up watching on TV, and met some tremendously driven and talented people along the way.”