The 2011 Top 20 Professionals Under Forty

We scoured The Magic City to bring you what we deem to be the next generation of business leaders at the tip of The Sunshine State. These young professionals represent a variety of industries and excel at their respective crafts with superior sophistication and their own unique blend of style and savvy. They are at once inspirational and successful. All have managed to seamlessly balance their careers with their personal lives while continuously giving back to the community that has helped mold them into who they are. Without further ado, flip this page to meet this year’s Top 20 Under Forty.
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Catalina Wolff, 32
Dir. of PR & Marketing
Ricardo Arjona
Whoever said Showbiz is a cakewalk never walked a day in the shoes of Catalina Wolff, who represents Grammy-winning Latin artist Ricardo Arjona. “In my line of work, there’s no room for errors,” she says. “Besides the fact that I work in a fast-paced environment, my favorite part is the adrenaline rush I get each and every moment…particularly during our concerts, which often involve different countries, cities and venues that require instant adaptation to the new surroundings to ensure everything is a success.”

Matthew N. McManus, Esq., 38
Wealth Advisor
Veritas Wealth Management, LLC
Matthew N. McManus says he learned at an early age that a handshake and your word are more important than a 50-page contract. “If you say you’re going to do something, you make sure you do it and make sure it’s done correctly,” he says. “There’s never a substitute for comprehensive, professional advice from a trained wealth advisor — the long-term effects from inappropriately managing your financial and legal affairs can be catastrophic.”

Jose Fabian, 32
QueCoco, LLC;
If you’re looking for a good time, you’d better have Jose Fabian on speed dial. The young entertainment impresario is setting himself apart in Miami’s uber-cluttered party scene with a personal touch. “I once helped a guy propose to his wife in the middle of one of my events,” he shares. “My partners didn’t want to stop the music fearing that it would kill the vibe — but I reminded them we’re in the business of creating memories — and luckily we were able to do just that. A year later, I got a call from the couple and they told me they’d named their new baby FABIAN.”

Gina M. Polo, 36
Weiss, Alden & Polo, P.A.
For as long as she can remember, Gina M. Polo always wanted to be an attorney. “Arguing different sides of an issue is something I love to do — and the satisfaction of winning a client’s case is incredibly fulfilling,” she says. “This is especially significant when successfully structuring a solution that the client had been told was impossible.”

Jaime Montalvan, 32
Realtor-Associate, FGD Group
Fortune International Realty
Jaime Montalvan wakes up early every morning to check the news for anything that may benefit or affect his business. It’s become part of his daily routine, even on the weekends. “Shortly thereafter, with my computer on, hot coffee in one hand and BlackBerry in the other, I start working on what I love: Real Estate,” he says. “A good realtor will find a great opportunity or investment…an outstanding one will get it for you.”

Honor McGee, 22
Director of Development
Alonzo Mourning Charities
Since arriving in The Sunshine State, Big Apple native and Harvard grad Honor McGee has been on tankers, in union halls, art galleries, amusement parks, and to almost every Chic-fil-A off of I-95. Today, she’s working with Alonzo Mourning Charities to make our community a better place by providing resources and establishing initiatives that allow local youth to excel. “Miami is truly a global metropolis, creating a new paradigm for America and the world,” she says. “I enjoy being a part of that energy.”

Sasha Dolgicer, 28
Asst. VP, Member-Investor Services
The Miami-Dade Beacon Council, Inc.
As part of The Beacon Council’s core team, Sasha Dolgicer brings new, job-generating investments to the community, while assisting existing businesses with their efforts to expand. “As part of my job, I get to work with some extraordinary people and witness firsthand Miami’s diverse business landscape,” she says. “One time I met with a coffee grower, an eyeglass manufacturer and a major multinational corporation — all in the same day!”

Alex Cure-Ferreira, 29
Head Trainer/Owner
Cure Fitness
As a boy, Alex Cure-Ferreira always dreamed of being a superhero. Today, he kind of is. “Sometimes being able to push myself to the limit makes me feel like a superhero — but mostly I feel like one because I’m able to help other people reach their full potential and change their lives on a daily basis,” he says. “I’m not in this business just to make money, I’m in it to make a difference.”

Marta Martin, 30
Sales & Marketing
LVMH Fragrance Brands
Marta Martin’s job with one the world’s most respected names in luxury is about as glamorous as it gets, but don’t think for a second she lets it go to her head. “My family taught me to remain humble and embrace any opportunities that come my way, “ she says. “Most importantly, I’ve learned that strong values, integrity and lots of hard work will get you very far in life.”

Erbin Ramirez, 33
CPA, Director
Morrison, Brown, Argiz & Farra, LLC
When Erbin Ramirez says there’s no such thing as typical workday in his career, he’s not exaggerating. “The most challenging part of my job is having to manage people’s alternate viewpoints,” he says. “I really enjoy working with people who are versatile in their thinking, and with entrepreneurs who are open-minded.”

Tiffany Rosen, 29
District Marketing Manager
Vita Coco
With a triple-threat of brains, beauty and brawn, Tiffany Rosen has all the qualities needed to succeed in The Magic City. It’s no wonder she strived to be an actress when she was younger, even taking acting classes along the way. “My position allows me to use the communication skills and presentation skills I learned from acting to pitch a brand, build relationships and get my team excited about what they’re doing,” she says. “Actors know how to captivate an audience and I think my former training has helped me be successful in my current role.”

Maikel Rodriguez, 37
President & Founder
Brickell Travel Management
Not surprisingly, Maikel Rodriguez’s favorite hobby, pastime and leisure activity are one in the same: travel, travel, travel! As the President & Founder of Brickell Travel, he knows a thing or two about getting around the world in style…and at the right prices. “We consider ourselves a new breed of travel agencies,” he says. “Among other things, we offer free customized advice, live correspondence with our agents, and cheaper prices than major generic travel sites.”

Carolina Coulson, 33
Colombian-American Chamber of Commerce
When Brickellite Carolina Coulson enters a room, everyone smiles. They can’t help it. But making people feel at ease is just part of her role as one of The Magic City’s champions of international commerce, investment and trade to small and medium businesses in the area. “Brickell is very special because you find a one-of-a-kind multicultural professional network coupled with a beautiful backdrop that makes you feel privileged every day,” she says. “For me, Brickell isn’t just my home, it is the Downtown of Latin America.”

Noé César, 37
Fashion Stylist/Designer
Noé César, LLC
Noé César’s career is as glam as it gets. Among other things, he’s been asked to dress First Ladies, he’s ensured his celebrity clients are always red-carpet ready, he’s authored countless fashion advice columns and he’s appeared across major television networks in 3 continents. “I like to think of myself as a rebel with integrity,” he says. “Everyone expects me to always be dressed to the nines, but that’s just an afterthought for me. My main goal is to make sure my clients shine!”

Sonia Fernández, 35
VP, Financial Advisor
HSBC Securities (USA) Inc.
Sonia Fernández is in the business of helping high-networth personal and commercial clients maintain and/or achieve personal financial wealth…a responsibility she does not take lightly. “The biggest misconception people have about Financial Advisors is that we have banker’s hours,” she says. “In fact, due to the nature of our business, our work never ends. When our client’s have an emergency, guess who they’re going to call!”

Arthur E. Kulick, 32
ASI World Financial Group
For Arthur E. Kulick, hard work is a recurring theme. From the time he launched his company, he’s worked around the clock to make it a success, even emerging from the financial crisis at the top of his game. “During the crisis we saw everybody panicking, but we actually helped our clients make the right choices when they mattered the most,” he says. “We help them understand the complexities of their financial world and assist them in making better decisions — whether in asset management, insurance, retirement plans or real estate investments.”

Adam Lustig, 36
Bilzin Sumberg Baena
Price & Axelrod LLP
Adam Lustig wants you to know that not all lawyers are argumentative and difficult. “Many of us are courteous and professional and a real pleasure to deal with,” he says. “It’s possible to represent clients zealously while at the same time being respectful of the other side and their interests. I pride myself on always keeping my cool — I think that helps others who work with me keep their stress levels down as well!”

Wendy Marks Pine, 39
Sales Director
Marquis Residences
Cervera Real Estate
Wendy Marks Pine thrives on making dreams come true through real esate, and she can’t think of anywhere better than to accomplish this goal than in Miami. “Throughout the Brickell/Downtown area, you can find something for just about every lifestyle,” she says. “Whether you frequent the theater, are a die-hard sports fan, or are just looking for financial advice, the opportunities are all within walking distance.”

Reynaldo J. Delgado, 28
Account Executive
From AXE to Degree, Dove, Ragú, Hellmann’s, Suave, Vaseline and many other top brands, Reynaldo J. Delgado knows the right way to engage his clients with their target audience. “Some people believe that public relations practitioners are spin doctors,” he says. “In reality, at the core of our profession lies a strong commitment to transparency.”

Rhett Thompson, 36
Got a joke? Rhett Thompson’s probably heard it. In fact, she may have even come up with it. But being funny isn’t as easy as you’d think. “Some folks believe anyone can just walk up on stage, grab a mic and have the audience instantly enraptured by their water-cooler ditties,” she says. “That may work for a rare few comics, but for the most part, we work very hard for the laugh. The audience unfortunately isn’t always made up of Bob from Accounting who feels obligated to throw you a pity chuckle because you’re the co-worker with seniority.”