Tax Recourse

Property tax season is upon us yet again, and throughout Florida each county’s Property Appraiser has been busy assessing property values within their county for the 2014 tax year. On Aug. 1, homeowners will receive a Notice Of Proposed Property Taxes (more commonly known as a “TRIM” Notice).
Text by Sandy Lindsey | June 4, 2018 | Lifestyle

This notice includes the county’s assessed value of the property as well as the estimated amount of the property taxes owed for the year. Far too often, the property values given by the county are higher than the true value of the property, leaving homeowners to pay more in property taxes than they rightfully should. The State Of Florida has procedures in place that allow property owners to appeal the county’s property value assessment without having to go to court. Thanks to these appeals, the county has reduced assessed property values by hundreds of millions of dollars per year. Many homeowners who file annual appeals save thousands of dollars in property taxes each year. By hiring an attorney to file the appeal who does not charge a fee unless successful, most homeowners find that they simply cannot afford not to file a property tax appeal. The deadline for filing an appeal is Sept. 17, so taxpayers are encouraged to act quickly.

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