Taste Sensation

Many people reinvent themselves after working for a Fortune 100 company, but few do it in as delicious a way as Liza’s Kitchen founder Liza Molinary.
Text by Sandy Lindsey | January 30, 2019 | Lifestyle

Taking a simple drive can change a life. “I was in my car when I got the idea to bake and sell my aunt’s banana bread recipe,” says Liza Molinary. “It took me by surprise because it was so obvious that I almost ignored it.” For more than 20 years, Liza’s aunt has been baking and giving away her delicious banana bread to friends and family in Puerto Rico as a special treat. Ten days after Liza’s idea to go into business for herself, Liza’s Kitchen: Gourmet Banana Bread Artisans was launched. “I sold 75 breads my first week,” she says. “I have noticed how people crave a fresh, natural, artisan product made with simple ingredients that both tastes great and makes them feel happy.” All the breads are made-to-order and come in a box that includes serving suggestions and wine pairings. The breads are available in Traditional, Walnut or Chocolate Chip and make excellent hostess gifts and thank-you treats for friends, clients, employees and corporate meetings. They also help make everyday coffee and dessert special; 786.584.7946; #LizasKitchenMiami.