Swim Stars

Alexandra Grief was inspired to start Montce to hit a key area she thought was missing in the swimwear industry: one of great fit with a super-flattering cut, fun prints and textures. Along with her brother, Devin, they create swimwear and activewear that make customers feel amazing.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | Photo by AsulPrusia | April 26, 2021 | People

“It was shocking to have such a huge number of A-list celebrities wearing our designs so early on — it was definitely an unexpected yet welcomed surprise!” 

Devin Grief remembers when his sister and Montce Co-Founder Alexandra was making jewelry prior to starting her swimwear line. “I helped her sell them in my friend’s boutique and they constantly sold out,” he says. “A year or two later, I saw the same style everywhere. I always knew my sister was a talented artist, but it was at that point I realized she was a trendsetter!” As a child, Alexandra was always drawing, painting and setting up little businesses to sell things to her neighbors. “I had a hand-drawn illustration holiday card business and a few dozen others not worth mentioning,” she quips. “Hahahaha, my poor neighbors!” Today, she loves seeing her suits on different body types, skin tones and hair colors. “It’s so fun to see my collections come alive and change as different people try it on and make it their own,” she says. One time, a customer came out of the fitting room, teary-eyed. Everyone immediately thought something was wrong. “It turned out to be the complete opposite,” says Devin. “She was so thrilled that she found a high rise bikini bottom that made her feel comfortable and confident that she was overcome with emotion. She was really dreading being in a bikini for a particular party she was attending but ended up finding the perfect piece.” Another unforgettable moment was when Kendall Jenner wore a Montce piece and was photographed again in the same bikini two years later! “We thought this was especially cool because she gets so much free product that the fact that she kept it so long and chose to wear it again on the family vacation episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians to St. Barth, I think speaks volumes to the fit and quality of our suits,” says Devin. “We also vividly remember the time Deco Drive interviewed me and decided to make my title Mer-Man — there are so many memorable stories in our journey!”;