Culture & Art

Swamp Sage

With a keen artistic eye, South Florida Photographer Clyde Butcher introduces viewers to a world they thought they’d never want to see, or even knew existed.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | May 8, 2018 | Culture & Art

“I’ve been photographing in Big Cypress since 1984,” says Photographer & Sustainability Activist Clyde Butcher. “And I‘ve never met another person during any of my shoots!” A modest magician of antiquated film technology, Butcher has spent the last 50 years capturing untamed segments of our world through his effortlessly epic perspective. A powerful voice for this maligned part of our ecosystem, Butcher is adamant that direct experience with these fertile mires will help people alter the negative connotations that often accompany the word “swamp.” “To really appreciate it, you’ve got to get your feet wet,” he says. As such, he offers year-round swamp walks from his mire-bordered gallery so that adherents can get a direct taste of the solemn aesthetic hinted at in his works;