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A dedicated design professional, Lineaire Design’s own Dominique Bonet shares some helpful techniques to help enliven your home interior.
Tips by Dominique Bonet | May 13, 2018 | Design & Real Estate

1. Fab Floors: The first big decision you need to make when you start doing your home is flooring. Floors set the mood, style and tone for the rest.

2. Neutral Colors: Try to have all the major pieces of your décor in neutral tones, so you can add pops of color though pillows, throws, etc. Changing these elements gives your home a new look.

3. Dimming Effect: Indirect light is essential to creating a nice ambiance. Never forget dimmers, they can add a lot of nuance.

4. Enlightening Ambience: To make a room more homey and inviting, choose warm white lights, around the 3500 Kelvin scale.

5. Cloth Couture: For me, linens should always be white. This gives them a crisp, clean and elegant look.

6. Less Is More: Don’t overfurnish; all the pieces need their own space to breath.

7. Build To Scale: Proportions are very important; furniture needs to have the right scale in reference to the space.

8. Drape Shapes: If you’re lucky and have high ceilings, enhance that look with long drapes. If your ceilings are low, solar shades will probably look better.

9. Mirror, Mirror: Mirror placement is crucial, not only can it help make a room appear larger, but placing mirrors directly across from windows will help bounce light into the room.

10. Aromatic Accessories: Fragrances can really generate a sense of well-being, but always choose soft and fresh aromas. The right scent can give a relieving feeling as soon as you walk into your home.

11. Cozy Chotchkies: For me, there’s nothing like books and fresh flowers to turn a house into a home.

› Dominique Bonet is a Founder, Partner & Designer at Lineaire Designs;