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A Magic City migrant thoroughly in love with the city he sustains, self-taught street artist Beau Bradbury reminds us what it’s like to fall in love with our awesome urban environ.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | April 2, 2018 | Culture & Art

It would be hard, upon first entering our city, to not fall in love with it. Paradisiacal weather, beautiful people, glimmering hi-rises and scenic beaches…frankly, when it comes to Miami, what is there not to love? What is rare, however, is for someone to arrive on our shores not only to soak it in its excesses, but to give back every iota of enjoyment and enrichment he’s received. A Panama City native who got started in the competitive New York tagging scene, icon-smashing Street Artist Beau Bradbury recently relocated to South Beach and is intent on doing just that. Known for his zestful re-imaginations of loveable UM mascot Sebastian, Bradbury’s most recent claim to philanthropic fame was spearheading the “Last To Leave, First To Arrive” event, a benefit where local celebrated creatives donated their own interpretations of ibis, with proceeds directly benefiting those in Puerto Rico and The Caribbean adversely affected by the horrendnous hurricane season last year. “My grandmother immigrated from Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, to NYC in 1959,” he says. “So having roots in that area automatically got me thinking about how I can help those afflicted with such devastation.”;