Summer Vibes

South Florida summers are hot and humid, with rain that can pour down at a moment’s notice. That’s no reason to forsake good style.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | August 25, 2023 | People

Dressing up in the summer months — and even into the still-hot months of early Fall — is about keeping things simplified. “Keep it light, keep it fresh and when in doubt simplest is best,” says Sebastian Garcia, Owner of Sartori Amici/My Grooms Room. “During the colder months — cold being a relative term in Miami — we dress differently, playing around with heavier fabrics and layers depending on the occasion,” he says. “For the summer, a lightweight blazer paired with a t-shirt and jeans is a go-to look that does the trick every time.” Or, to make an even bolder statement in the extreme heat and separate oneself even further from the crowd, one could try a suit jacket with matching shorts paired with stylish sneakers. “This look is perfect for just about any business meeting or event in Miami,” he says. Making a statement doesn’t have to be uncomfortable — the key is to stay light and comfortable but definitely elevate yourself from the masses. Beat the heat at Sartori Amici’s new flagship store on Miracle Mile;;