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Suburban Artifice

Tackling every area of aesthetics from wood-carving to t-shirt design, Kendall’s own John Hall (aka Baghead) provides a powerful image of the future of artistry.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | May 7, 2018 | Culture & Art

Calm. It’s a force that seems to pour off of Kendall-born John Hall, aka Baghead, one of our city’s most eagerly emergent designers, artists and creative influencers. And it almost seems out of place. How can the creator of such manic, manifold works, running the gamut from sculpture to graphic design to everything in between, seem so sagacious in his exterior? It’s only as one gets to know Hall and his work that the answer becomes clear, blessed as it is with a seemingly outlandish (but subliminally sublime) through-line that shines through in every drawing and craftily carved centerpiece. A lifelong Miami resident whose environment oozes through his pieces, Hall cites his hometown as a massive influence on his tempered but street-wise style. “I feel like the suburbs of Kendall give me a unique influence on my work,” he says. “It’s easy to be affected by all the visual stimulation of Wynwood and South Beach. I’m away from that, so I have to find my inspiration elsewhere.” Showcasing his works at Scope during Art Basel Miami Beach this year, and with other exciting projects on the way, we can look forward to this craftsman’s cerebrally absurd pieces for years to come;