Stylish Summer

Serpui’s High Summer 2020 Collection was inspired by legendary Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer and his modern architectural design for the country’s capital, transporting people to the tropics during the golden years of Brazilian architecture.
Words by Anja Maltav | July 31, 2020 | Lifestyle

The eponymous handbag label of Serpui was born from the designer’s love of her homeland, Brazil, and its beautiful flora and fauna. All of the bags in the collections are wearable art that are at once decorative and colorful, but also respectful of the environment. The handbags represent a creative vision that mixes natural elements with pieces found in São Paolo’s local markets. Each handbag is created in the Serpui Marie artisanal atelier, thanks to the artisans’ formidable savoir-faire. What’s more, sustainability has always been one of Serpui’s passions — it’s why everything the company makes is handmade from natural fibers. “During one of my trips to research prime materials and new sources of inspiration, I discovered a small village in China with beautiful handmade crotchet using plastic bags that are recycled from the food industry,” says the designer. “The Blair Flower and Farah Diba Flower crochet clutches are all made from this method using recycled plastic bags.” The new collection also features exciting variations of Serpui’s sustainable “popcorn” bags;