Style Power

I was fortunate enough to go through my entire academic career attending schools that did not require students to wear a uniform.
Words by Jorge Arauz | August 27, 2019 | Lifestyle

“Changing your path to productivity may be as simple as taking a few extra minutes each day to curate a look that can positively impact your mindset and the message you’re sending to the world.”

It allowed me to develop my own unique style, express my creativity and decide how I wanted to present myself to the world. I remember one guy in my sophomore Spanish class who always came to school in a tailored 3-piece suit. His shoes were always shined and his handshake was firm. He even had business cards with his name and contact information. An entrepreneur in the making. A few years ago, I ran into him at the grocery store, dapper as ever. Turns out he had just raised a few hundred million for his fashion-based e-commerce startup and was ready to take it global. It was his third successful business venture since graduation. I asked him what his secret was. “Dude, my dad’s a tailor and my mom has really good taste,” he said. “They’ve been dressing me my whole life!” Dressed to impress, indeed.