Striking Contrast

Timepiece designers are doing startling things with the simplest elements — bold black and gleaming silver. Check out these faves ready to make a mark no matter what time you wear them.

Perfect Balance
Male, female…light and dark: Tag Heuer’s Formula 1 Lady Yin Yang pays tribute to the perfect balance between opposites with this breathtakingly glamorous piece. The dial takes the form of the timeless yin-yang symbol, made completely out of brilliant cut white and black diamonds, which also accent the case, made from stunning 18k white gold. The result is a unique look containing 7.36 kts of precious stones;

Timeless Innovation
This A. Lange & Söhne’s Lange Zeitwerk Watch doesn’t just make an impact with its classic contrast of black with white gold: It’s also a seamless melding of old and new technology. This piece innovatively combines mechanical with digital in a complex disc system that displays the time clearly and intuitively. The face’s displays leap smoothly into position with each change of time, eliminating the ambiguity of traditional creeping dials;