Ancient history by the standards of our thoroughly modern metropolis, in 1913 our marvelous Magic City was hardly a blip on the map, a humble beachside community with little to its name besides a great deal of promise.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | March 9, 2018 | Lifestyle

So when Joe Weiss, a Hungarian-born immigrant arrived via New York City, it was the healthful climate, not the potential for establishing an eatery famed the world over, that was at the top of his to-do list. Fast-forward 105 years, and one can see what fruits a little entrepreneurial spirit can spring from the fertile ground of our serially successful city. Consistently ranked among the highest revenue earners in the American restaurant scene, and a perennial favorite for tourists the world over, although open only October through May, Joe’s Stone Crab has retained juggernaut status among our culture’s culinary savvy. Snapped in 1980, take away the retro hairstyles and oversized ties from the archival photo on the left and one can see a contentment and conviviality familiar to anyone who’s ever visited this charming chowhouse; — Ryan Jarrell