Statement Makers

With Gala season soon approaching, foundations, charities and event planners across the nation are looking for creative ways to add to their evening and raise much-needed funds. Introducing Lapels For A Cause.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | June 26, 2019 | Fashion

Silent auctions are great but what if you could somehow encompass the evening’s theme, tastefully distinguish your guests and recognize your honorees, and most importantly, encourage additional real-time donations? The “Lapels For A Cause” campaign from The Lapel Project does just that. The brainchild of Miami’s serial entrepreneur Sebastian Garcia who is backed by Shark Tank’s billionaire Mark Cuban, this revolutionary product not only transforms an existing work suit or old rundown tuxedo into the coolest thing you own but now is being used as a stylish tool to gain real-time donations at any gala. Since its inception, it has helped raise over $100,000 toward local and national organizations. “Most tables are bought out by major corporations and individual guests are always encouraged to make live donations,” he says. “Our lapels are tastefully designed to fit the evening theme or can be adorned with a charity’s logo, adding flair to any gala as well as giving the contributor instant visual recognition.” The lapels can be designed with different contribution levels in mind and sold at the event or bought online. Another neat thing about this winning idea is that instead of patrons spending their contribution on renting or purchasing a new suit or tuxedo, these lapels definitely upgrade your existing suit in seconds — they simply apply to your suit’s or tuxedo’s existing lapel and seamlessly adhere with a patented fabric adhesive and universal design.; 305.298.9944; [email protected];