SS Badboy

Even to the saltiest of us, most yachts look pretty much alike; white hull, pointy in the front, flat in the back. A gaggle of them at the marina could induce snow blindness. The OTAM 85 GTS, however, would restore your vision.
Words by Bill Lindsey | Photos by Photos by Tom Van Oossanen | August 27, 2019 | Luxury

The majority of yacht owners choose their vessels like they do their cars (and future ex-wives, truth be told); they want what their nemesis longs for. That explains why the basic designs of megayachts are so similar. A smaller subset prefer to choose what makes them happy, which is why there is the OTAM 85 GTS. The basic design can be summed up as “the ideal yacht for a villain?” Strange? Maybe not; think about it — the baddie always has the cool stuff — fast cars, private jets, Taylor Swift as a girlfriend and now the yacht. The sleek black hull and superstructure are propelled at speeds up to 45 knots by the optional set of 2,600-hp MTU turbodiesels (baddies always order all the options). That is supervillain fast for 85 feet of pure decadence, complete with two master suites, an expansive galley and salon, plus the open helm and sundeck. If you want to stand out in Cannes or at Monty’s, this is your best choice;