Spreading Acceptance

Author Brenda Arce’s inspiration for Kissed By The Sun, came from growing up Puerto Rican in the U.S. IT’s a heartwarming tale of family, acceptance, diversity, and what makes us unique.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | Photos by Amanda Ron | September 26, 2023 | People

The popular new children’s book Kissed By The Sun teaches the importance of learning to accept one another no matter how someone looks, speaks, or where they come from. It’s a wonderful tool to help parents talk to children about different cultures. Growing up with strong Puerto Rican traditions, the main character, Amalia, learns about who she is and why she is different from her classmates. As she embraces her identity, accent, and use of Spanglish words, she wins over everyone’s hearts. “One of my favorite aspects of creating the book is visiting schools and listening to children share their experiences, says Author Brenda Arce. “I also love hearing how my book has helped parents explain their background to their children.” There’s no more important message than the one that we are all beautiful despite our differences, even if our skin looks like it was “kissed by the sun.”;