Cristina Maria Lloyd is on a mission to encourage better living through smarter organization by providing her clients new, sleekly improved environments through her firm OuttaSpace, Inc.
Text by Cristina Zuazua Profile photo courtesy of OuttaSpace, Inc | June 10, 2018 | People

Cristina Maria Lloyd found her passion at a young age. “As a child, I was always organizing my books, bedroom and closet, and when my friends from school would visit, they would leave with so much great energy, wanting to make changes in their bedrooms and school bags,” she recalls. “At that time, of course, I didn’t understand how one’s space could affect others. Later, however, it meshed into my corporate world, where being organized was a crucial part of my personal and professional life.” Today, as the Founder of OuttaSpace, Inc., organization of client space is what she’s all about. Services from OuttaSpace include room redesign, staging, media management, smart storage and guidance on how to control clutter.
But the job is not without its challenges: For some, it can be a quick fix to organize their possessions, but maintaining the implemented system can turn into another story; for others, Lloyd says, being able to relate to their possessions while understanding emotional attachments they may have to them is key: “It isn’t the stuff that matters, it’s what’s behind it all.”
One young couple she worked with spent several weekends together in sorting, purging, organizing and home staging. “As the time passed,” Lloyd recalls, “I noticed how the couple was relating to their stuff in such a different manner and how they were able to utilize their furniture and belongings in a way they’d never considered before. That’s when it hit me that they fully grasped the relationship the man had always had with his plastic bins of school papers, which he connected to in an emotional way. It freed him of the physical space and opened his mind to new goals and dreams. It is all about creating possibilities.”
When asked what she sees on the horizon for herself and her business, Lloyd is crystal-clear on her next steps. “The one plan I have for the near future as it relates to my company is to grow by hiring additional professional organizers and to continue giving every client a unique experience when working with us,” she says. “There’s nothing quite like witnessing the transformation of clients’ spaces based on their unique personality to make them more efficient, productive, stylish and happy.”
OuttaSpace, Inc. is located at 275 NE 18th St., Ste. 1007 in Miami. For more information or to schedule a consultation, call 305.298.2478 or visit