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We’re all uncomfortably aware of how much space is at a premium in The Magic City. Below are several tips our team has collected to enhance our humble homes and efficiencies.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | May 15, 2018 | Design & Real Estate

Lighten Up
Dark colors don’t just bring to mind dolorous moods and unfortunately unforgettable teenage phases. They also decrease the perceived space of our rooms. Lighter shades such as floral prints or whites give your space an airy and open feel. Want another shade-related space secret? Monochromatic trim and wall pairings gives a previously cramped room a breathable, Gallic look well-suited to the traditional Mediterranean Miami vibe. Pairing a slightly darker ceiling with the above will give an additional illusion of depth.

You’re So Vain
Millennials are occasionally impressed by the efficacy of archaic technology. For instance, did you know that a regular household mirror can simulate the image displayed in an inverted iPhone camera all the time? Detailed duck lip reviewing aside, placing mirrors at strategic intervals in your home is also sure to enhance perceived space. While many go the route of cookie-cutter mirrored sliding closets, adding reflective surfaces to kitchen cabinets adds a fascinating and unique accent. Also try adding mirrors to the dimmer corners of your casa to help spread accented light.

Little Big Room
Small room, small furniture, right? Not so, say some leading design experts. Instead of crowding a smaller room with tiny furniture, try showcasing one or two large items in your otherwise huddled hovel. One large sofa with a small oval coffee table will create a much greater sense of space than several small armchairs crowded together. If you do need multiple pieces of furniture, try to make them as multi-purpose as possible. An antique steamer trunk can make an interesting table while also providing some much-needed storage space.

Window Wow
Undressing windows seems antithetical to the typical urbanite, but this small step can really enhance a space’s size. Allowing the landscape to draw the inhabitants’ eye outside creates an illusion of wide-open vistas in otherwise cramped confines. If privacy is of the utmost importance, gauzy or sheer white curtains can provide an aesthetically pleasing buffer zone from the prying peepers of your nosy neighbors. Full-length curtains have the added bonus of fooling the eye into thinking a ceiling is higher than it actually is.