Sounds Good!

Although this new gadget may look like a monstrous eyeball-webcam hybrid, it’s actually the La Sphère speaker produced by the French company Cabasse. Designed to create unique ambiences (and maybe scare a few unwanted guests away), this contraption embodies a futuristic listening experience within a unique spherical enclosure that’s intended to help eliminate low-frequency standing waves, resulting in a more rounded sound. La Sphère’s frequency response of 20Hz to 25kHz combined with four-way co-axial speaker, 22-inch woofer and digital signal processing features all help produce an unmatched listening experience for anyone who chooses to add this avant-garde device to their home theatre system. Distributed in the U.S. by the St. John Group, a pair of La Sphères will set you back about $150,000. (Hope you’re still listening!) For more information, visit