Soul Search

Change your outlook on life and connect with yourself like never before by honing in on your relationship with nature at The Sense Adventure at Hacienda Tres Rios Resort in Mexico’s Riviera Maya.
Text by by Jorge Arauz Photos courtesy of Sunset World Resorts | June 6, 2018 | Lifestyle

There are very few experiences in life that totally change the way you see the world — and yourself. The Sense Adventure at Sunset World’s Hacienda Tres Rios Resort in Mexico’s Riviera Maya is one of those. It all starts when you and a group are transported to a remote nature path where you’re greeted by a guide who hands you a blindfold to put on before you grab on to the person in front of you and begin a slow journey into the unknown: “Every step is trust,” the guide says. Although you might find it hard to “let go” at first, do it. The journey is an emotional, physical and spiritual roller-coaster, taking you through a wide range of sensations: From feeling like you’re flying as wind machines cool you from all sides to being shocked into the “now” when ice-cold water begins to pour down your back. Throughout the various stages of the experience, a bunch of things are placed in your hands of varying sizes, temperatures and textures, a few that feel like they might bite. You taste, you smell, you feel calm, you feel agitated. You feel alive. At one point, you hear a baby cry and voices whispering above you, augmented by the sounds of nature and the intensity of not being able to see what’s happening. You have no choice but to retreat inside yourself, listen to your instincts and connect with yourself in ways you never knew you were capable of. Although you’re blindfolded throughout the whole thing, at the conclusion of the experience, you’ll never see the world — or yourself — the same way again. The best part is that the program changes with each group, so no two experiences are ever the same. The only thing that doesn’t ever shift is the goosebump-inducing ending you’ve got to see to believe;