Soul Moving

A new band in town is creating quite the buzz. Guerra Grooves has been packing them in at venues throughout South Florida and leaving audiences craving more.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | Photos by Sean Pozin | August 28, 2019 | People

The powerhouse vocals of Nicolle “Nikki” Guerra, the deep energetic bass of Ariel de la Portilla (DLP), and their rotation of renowned guitarists electrify their unrivaled, signature arrangements, turning them into a much sought-after musical force called Guerra Grooves. The group has brilliantly fused the treasures of rock-n-roll, rhythms of Cuba, Reggae, Jazz, New Orleans Funk and Miami Soul, to create seamless mixes that surprise and dazzle audiences, getting them on their feet and moving their souls. Deeply connected to her Cuban roots, yet worldly relevant, Nikki’s mass appeal and charisma radiates throughout her performances. Cuban musician Ariel DLP is an eclectic multicultural bassist and songwriter, and is equally inventive on both electric and acoustic bass; #MoveYourSoul;