Sole Mates

More than cafecitos, more than luxury automobiles, more than our white-sand beaches and azure waters, Miamians LOVE shoes. Brazilian-born Jorge Bischoff has curated the chicest footwear-focused boutique of the season right in the heart of the city with his heralded U.S. flagship at Brickell City Centre.
Text by Jorge Arauz | May 10, 2018 | People

Jorge Bischoff grew up in a small industrial village in Brazil where residents lived and breathed the footwear industry. Shoes, in fact, have been a part of his life for as long as he can remember. “When I was an infant, my aunt would carry me to nurse at the shoe factory where my parents worked,” he says. “At just 11 years old, I started my first job cutting shoes in the factory by our house, and eventually got to work in every department.” Those early experiences lead Bischoff to eventually launch his own shoe studio and subsequently open his first namesake store in 2002. When the brand’s first U.S. boutique, Jorge Bischoff @ Brickell City Centre, launched earlier this year, shoe aficionados could hardly contain their excitement with the array of collections, touting styles that transition seamlessly from bold to sensible and back again, all while emitting the signature sizzle of our vibrant streets and lifestyle. “We don’t just sell shoes, we sell soul!”;