Social Endeavors

Lets be honest, Facebook is not the cool social network it once was. It’s become a plethora of promotions, advertising and chain statuses. People have been searching for a new platform, and Ello might be it.
Text by Ros Prado | June 1, 2018 | Lifestyle

Ello is a simple, ad-free social network created by artists. The company proudly promises not to sell ads on their website, as they find them to be tacky (and annoying). They’ve also made a commitment to keep your information safe, promising to never sell it to outside parties. This is a social network designed for a person who values privacy as much as simplicity. The website’s design is unembellished with black, white and grey hues that scream minimalism. Ello prides itself on being a system that aids clutter management. With their “Noise & Friends” options, you can get all the updates you truly care about without having to screen through every nonsense post. But as with anything this exclusive, there’s a velvet rope to cross: This platform is by invitation only. Yes, Ello is THAT cool;