Smooth Innovation

Shavelogic aims to defy nicks, cuts and gimmicks with the best shave of your life.
Words by Jorge Arauz | November 28, 2021 | Lifestyle

Founded by a group of industry all-stars and product designers with over 300 combined years of experience, Shavelogic set out to solve shaving’s biggest irritations: nicks, cuts, razor burn and blades that dull too quickly. Imagine buying blades less often and getting more smooth shaves from every blade. Imagine the best shave of your life. With Shavelogic’s revolutionary new SL5 shaving system, it’s guaranteed or your money back. With more than 150 company patents and over $150 million invested, Shavelogic “set out to create a grooming company that delivers a better shave, not just markets one,” says CEO Rob Wilson. The SL5’s unique design — featuring 5 blades in the space of 3 — allows it to reach and maneuver around tight areas without an extra trimmer blade. The polished all-metal handle is ergonomic and timeless. A solid, striking, gift-quality instrument that is also guaranteed for life. For a limited time, you can try the SL5 with a money back guarantee and get a free $10 gift card at