Smart Travels

Whether you’re traveling to a different country or to the other end of the county, make sure you keep these business travel tips in mind before you leave your office for the open road (or sky).
On the Go
If you’re accustomed to running to and from meetings during business trips, make sure to invest in “Wrinkle Free” if you plan on hopping from venue to venue in cabs and rental cars without time to iron. Polyester blends, wool blends, microfibers, silk and rayon are usually good bets, but more breathable options might be a good idea in warmer climates. Anything else, roll into a cylinder before packing it.
Pack Lite
You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to know that if you absolutely have to take off with more than 2 carry-ons, you’re bringing too much and in for a major “Carry-On No-No” delay. One tip business travelers abide by religiously is to find out what the maximum size of a carry-on is for the airline they’re flying on since many international airlines vary when it comes to carry-on dimensions.
Tech Time
Besides the standard laptop and PDA, you should plan to bring all “The Biz Extras” on extended trips, including chargers, USBs, an Ethernet cord and a portable printer whenever possible…just in case. Nothing can ruin last-minute research or essential tweaks to a presentation you created back at the office quicker than not having the essential tools you need at your fingertips.

Green Biz
Save the planet as you globetrot on your next business trip with these innovative eco-friendly products created with the Earth-conscious business traveler in mind.

Watery Wake Up
This water-powered digital time-teller requires no batteries and lasts for about two months before you have to refill it. Get one for $16 at




Solar Cell
When you’re on the move, use nature to your advantage with this solar-powered Bluetooth headset from that powers itself with the sun’s warmth.




Eco Sounds
These biodegradable eco-speakers can fold flat and stand at just 3 inches. Pick the color of your choice for a mere $14.95 at