How to survive and thrive in tough economic times is on everyone’s mind. Which is why GOBankingRates went to the top financial gurus for their advice.
Text by Stacy Wynn | May 27, 2018 | Lifestyle

1. ROBERT KIYOSAKI: Don’t give in to economic upheaval. “Shift your mindset from ‘victim’ to ‘champ’ and use your strengths to take control of your financial future.”

2. WARREN BUFFET: “If you don’t invest in things you know, you’re just gambling — recognize your limitations, keep things simple and don’t swing for the fences.”

3. FARNOOSH TORABI: “Make this the year you choose to invest in your personal self-development and hop out of your comfort zone.”

4. DAVE RAMSEY: Four critical words: “Get out of debt.” If that’s not possible, keep debt as low as possible without hindering your business plan.

5. SUZE ORMAN: “Reducing credit card debt is always important, but now it’s urgent, as anyone with credit card debt currently is likely to see their borrowing costs go up.”

6. EMMA JOHNSON: It’s time for a raise. “Muster up the nerve to ask your boss for a pay increase, start a side business or increase your billing.”

7. RACHEL CRUZE: “If you’re going to win with money, you have to be intentional.” Focus: Have a budget, pay off debt and know how your money will work for you.

8. JEANETTE PAVINI: “Learn what areas in your budget you actually have control over. You don’t need major changes to make a difference. No savings is too small. They all add up.”

9. SHARON EPPERSON: “One of the best things to set yourself up for future financial success is to be strategic with your savings. Save as much as you can in a Roth IRA.”

10. TIFFANY ALICHE: “Money management is a team sport.” Like with a successful weight loss plan, find a partner to keep you accountable, honest and on track.