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Looking for a truly full-service property management solution for your investment? Don’t fret. You’re sure to find it with the globally savvy team at Sieber International.

There’s a lot involved in making a real estate investment: purchasing a property, executing the finish out and design, management the property — and getting it rented. Sieber International covers all those bases, bringing premium real estate from New York and Miami to markets worldwide, establishing a one-stop relationship with a diverse clientele. In order to do this, the firm’s multi-lingual staff is fluent in 8 languages. Communication and understanding at this level allows them to produce accurate information regarding the international buyer’s concerns, making the client-agent interaction seamless and thorough. The capacity to offer this on a local basis to foreign buyers is one of their competitive advantages, along with the company’s commitment to excellence in service and customer satisfaction. “It’s important when finding the right broker that they have knowledge not only in real estate, but in the financial market and city development around it,” says CEO Ruedi Sieber. “In the end, success in real estate investment comes down to finding a partner in the process who knows the market, the available inventory as well as your needs — this makes us a great fit.” For more information on real estate-related investments, call 786.527.3138 or visit