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Florida East Coast Realty’s Founder & Chairman Tibor Hollo was recently honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award for the innovative developer’s impact on real estate education and research.
Words by Yoshi Sanz | Photos by c/o FECR | February 23, 2023 | Design & Real Estate

Legendary developer and Founder & Chairman of Florida East Coast Realty, Tibor Hollo, 95, was recognized by Florida International University’s React 2022 Real Estate Conference with its Lifetime Achievement Award. “Tibor Hollo is considered the architect of modern Miami and has made his mark by advocating and developing innovative real estate projects,” says Eli Beracha, Director of the Tibor & Sheila Hollo School of Real Estate and Hollo Research Fellowship. “He and Sheila are also responsible for the creation and development of what has become the top Master of Science in International Real Estate program in the nation. We can’t thank them enough.” The naming of the Tibor & Sheila Hollo School of Real Estate was officially announced on Sept. 21, 2012. “I’m grateful that FIU embraces this challenge in its graduate real estate program, and I am proud of what it has accomplished in just a decade,” said Tibor Hollo. “It is rewarding to see how this internationally recognized program is producing our future leaders in this profession.” Founded over 60 years ago, Florida East Coast Realty has built more than 60 million sq. ft. of construction, consisting of single-family homes, landmark residential and commercial high-rises, government buildings, marinas, high-end retail centers, warehouse complexes, and telecommunications centers. With new ideas and ambitious projects on the drawing board, Mr. Hollo and Florida East Coast Realty are eager and ready to venture well into the 21st Century;