Sister Act

Born and raised in Miami, Lauren Correa & Natalie Correa Villalba grew up spending most of their time at the beach or in the pool and have always understood that swimwear is an expression of individuality and style.
Text by Sandy Lindsey | April 30, 2018 | People

Inspired by the world’s finest beaches, the Correa sisters decided to create Nirvanic Swim two years ago. Designer Lauren uses her passion for swimwear to design the prints and styles for each collection, while Natalie brings her experience in Marketing & PR to complement her sister’s creativity. “We were able to take a dream and turn it into a reality by leaning on each other and pushing each other to take the necessary risks,” they say. “There’s something to be said about working with your family; the level of respect and trust you have for each other allows you to take bigger risks, and with bigger risks come bigger rewards.”

In July 2016, they showed their first collection at the Hammock Show at the W Hotel Miami Beach Week, leading to their Helaku Top and Hali Bottom in Hibiscus being worn by Samantha Hoops in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. “I’ve always been bikini-obsessed,” admits Lauren. “I’ve always known exactly what I wanted out of swimwear but I couldn’t seem to find it in any of the brands out there — that is the main reason we created Nirvanic Swim.”

Made in Bali, each Nirvanic print is hand-designed by Lauren, who works diligently with their suppliers to perfect the fit of each swimsuit. All the swimwear is designed to be seamless. The men’s swim trunks are fully lined with a comfortable mesh and the printed fabric is treated with quick-dry technology. The ultimate goal is swimwear that is an expression of the wearer’s unique personality. “Earlier this year, we had the opportunity to meet with a group of  9th Grade girls at a local high school to speak to them about technology and how we use it in our daily business,” they say. “It was amazing for them to learn that technology isn’t just coding and a male-dominated field but that it’s used in all aspects of business.” The sisters worked with the students to create repetitive patterns and their excitement, curiosity and enthusiasm was inspiring. “Whenever we hear that our brand has inspired others to embrace their bodies and travel the world, it keeps our passion alive — we are creating more than just a swimwear collection, we are curating a lifestyle.”;