Simply Savage

An elegant inverse to the excess typified by our city, Priscilla Taveras’ DAMA offers a rugged, refreshing look to Miami womenswear.
Text by Hugh Marchand Photos by Lucie Hugary | May 10, 2018 | People

Each day we don garments to face the fickle fortune of our day, we have two paths set before us: Will we outfit ourselves to fade into the foreground? Or will we set the tenor and tone of the spaces we occupy? In short, when we costume ourselves, is it with the intention to be a part, or apart? Opting enthusiastically for the latter, Miami-based Designer Priscilla Taveras and her nascent line DAMA broadcast a portrait of potential womanhood as powerful as it is poignant. “DAMA is about being the woman I wanted to be when I was a young girl, the type of woman I aspire to be now,” she says. “It’s about direct empowerment of women through fashion and design.” Insistent on inserting modern metropolitan minimalism into the otherwise exuberant Miami mode, DAMA’s deceptively demure color palette follows Taveras’ naturally stylish inclinations. “[DAMA] is really a reflection of myself…it’s nostalgic, playful and at times somber.” Underlying these most untamed of apparel pieces is an effortless functionality that speaks volumes toward the competency and common sense of Taveras, intent that women should feel every bit as liberated as they were born to be;