Silent Splendor

Yachtbuilder Capoforte has redefined itself with the SQ24, a sleek, all-electric vessel that replaces the cacophony of roaring engines with a soundtrack of water splashing against the hull.
Words by Bill Lindsey | October 27, 2022 | Luxury

Beyond its alluring design featuring a superyacht-style bow entry and sensual lines that flow seamlessly through to the extended swim platform, everything about the all-new Capoforte SQ24 represents an exciting innovation. The wide-open interior of the 24 ft. yacht is white with delicate grey accents. The hull features a center-mounted console for easy traffic flow from bow to stern, lined with comfortable, open-air seating options for up to 8 passengers, making it an ideal candidate for yacht tender duties. The most innovative aspect of this sleek vessel is the propulsion system, consisting of either an inboard 50kW electric motor or a Yamaha 3.7kW electric outboard motor. Guests will be able to enjoy conversations without the need to shout to be heard over loud internal combustion engines, adding a magical quality to every cruise, regardless of the distance traveled;