Show Stoppers

Part of a powerful trend pushing the envelope this past Miami Swim Week, Coterie Pop-up masterminds Danielle Licata & Valentino Vettorie recast our city’s favorite trade show for the better.
Text by Hugh Marchand | Photos Courtesy of World Red Eye | August 28, 2018 | People

Oh, sure, we could list the brands. We could describe, in sizzling detail, the stunning set-up that sprung seemingly overnight in the Faena Bazaar, we could name a foot-long list of socialites, influencers and industry vanguards present, we could taxonomize the treats and, with a sommelier’s sage gravitas, analyze the wines available at the launch party. But no amount of in-depth reporting could frankly do the exquisitely curated Coterie Pop-Up justice. For, much like the industry it so influentially represents, the impact of this phenomena is so much more than a sum of its parts. The message this powerful pop-up broadcasted is impossible to argue with: The world’s favorite swimwear-themed tradeshow is now an ideal environment for designers to directly reach the consumer. “Everyone is talking about change, but nobody wants to change,” says Danielle Licata, Fashion Director & Coterie VP. “We’re here to create excitement and a temporary call-to-action, mainly, that we won’t be here next week!” Valentino Vettorie, long-time partner-in-crime of Licata and responsible for the jaw-dropping surrounds of the pop-up, heartily agrees, and believes Miami is the perfect stage for this sea of change. “There’s a lot of movement here,” he says. “Wynwood is going through a major renovation, Downtown Miami is going through a big evolution, a lot of people from New York are actually moving here…I think it’s an amazing place to be.”;