Shoulder On

You heard it here first, readers: A creative collaboration we’re surprised hadn’t already erupted, modern mavens Margherita Missoni and Ximena Kavalekas announce a series of stunning limited-edition handbags everyone’s shoulders should be itching to sport.
Text by Hugh Marchand | June 27, 2018 | Fashion

It’s a trend we’re in full support of. While once the stomping grounds of fiercely individual and groundbreaking names, the last few seasons have showcased one unavoidable fact: To survive in the modern fast-paced world of trendsetting fashion, collaboration is king. Whimsically participating in this innovative approach to craft comes twin sensations Margherita Missoni & Ximena Kavalekas, who, by capitalizing on a chance encounter in Milan have premiered a playfully geometric revamp of Kavalekas signature Mandolin bag. Incorporating the signature “Margherita daisies” into a number of notable color schemes and finishes, anyone looking to amp up their accessory game this season should look no further than these innovative investitures of significant creative genius, and yet another notch on the belt of our loving local fashion community;

Ximena Kavalekas and Margherita Missoni photographed by Weston Wells