Shockingly Good

When the topic of electric cars arises, do you think of a megalomaniac who is too busy making spaceships and tequila to get cars on the road? If so, here’s some pleasantly “shocking” Karma to set things right.

Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and BMW will soon launch all-electric vehicles with 300-mile ranges and super-fast recharging times. All will be great cars, but those seeking something a bit more unique should consider the Karma Revero. Reborn from the Fisker electric car company, Karma will limit production to 10 cars per day. The low volume underscores the bespoke nature of each car — from the Scottish Bridge of Weir leather and fallen timber used for the interior to the hand-painted crest on the hood. Each Revero features an extremely secure, encrypted data system and roof-mounted solar panels generating 200 watts of electricity. Each is propelled to astonishing speeds by a 403-hp powerplant. All have lines that demand admiring glances…if not outright lust. The delivery process involves a week-long stay at a luxury hotel, where owners are immersed in Karma culture, enjoy fine dining and experience the cars on epic road trips. Nikola Tesla would have loved this car;