Sharp-Dressed Man

Say “fashion trend” and many guys will run screaming. Stop! The key to retaining your manly self-respect is to differentiate between the fleeting fads and future classics. Check out these Fall/Winter 2019 — yes, we’re going to say it — trends.
Words by Zelda Grant | September 30, 2019 | Fashion

Monochrome Match

Let’s admit it, color is hard to master. So forget it. The new Fall/Winter 2019 monochromes make looking stylishly chic a total no-brainer. Think about it, if you remove the pigment, every piece suddenly matches so you just can’t make a wrong choice. Too much? Pick a color and get a few starter outfits. A single color outfit really packs a punch.

Movie-Star Chic

You say leather isn’t new. But that’s exactly our point. Due to it’s rugged “I’m a super-cool action hero” good looks and timeless appeal, leather will continue to trend winter after winter. When it comes to investment pieces, a bomber jacket is the equivalent of a haute couture purse. Shell out for something that will last from this season through your lifetime.

Go Bare

Here’s a great trend to totally kick you out of your rut. Ditch the shirt and roll neck sweater of last winter and make your bare skin the focal point. Push the boundaries, with absolutely no commitment. Hey, you can rest easy knowing you can always pull that shirt back out of the closet if you want to make a quick change from the office to the club.