Setting Limits

Wondering why your kids are acting a little spoiled lately? You’re not alone. Follow these tips from Lisette Beraja, Psychotherapist, LMFT & Founder of Beraja Counseling Center, to ensure your family gets back on track.

More and more children are growing up without a clear sense of financial or emotional limits. What happens when children are given an abundance of gifts and little time and affection? At first, children think it’s awesome. That is, until one day the toddler becomes an adolescent, then an adult and begins to feel empty, void with a sense of entitlement. Many adults call me complaining about feeling depressed, empty and confused regarding the subject. They wonder why they are feeling this way. Interestingly, most of them reported receiving many gifts from their parents and too little time as children. Parents often think that creating a world where their children’s every need and desire is instantly fulfilled with materialistic objects instead of their time and attention is their only option. If parents only realized that gifts could never take the place of their love, the world would be a better place! I strongly agree that the one thing money can’t buy for children is love. Parents need to make an effort to devote more time to their children. Research has shown that over-indulged children who lack the love and affection of a parental figure may share certain characteristics, such as being easily bored, goal-less, underachieving and disrespectful. It’s of vital interest — both to families and to all concerned about their child’s future — to make a difference by spending valuable time with their kids. To set up an appointment with Lisette Beraja to discuss this and other family-realted issues, call 305.858.7763 or visit

Scent Healing
Your nose is a highway to your brain, particularly your emotional centers. Surrounding yourself with the right scents can be a key element in staying relaxed and stress-free. Here are some products sure to help keep you smelling happily.

Hip Diffusers
Those plug-in scent diffusers aren’t just an eyesore — they also tend to be made in obnoxious, overpowering and obviously synthetic scents. Aromax diffusers sport a sleek, modern shape with fresh, natural aromas; $300,




Calm Scent
Turn yourself into a walking chill-out machine with Lollia’s Calm Perfume. This ultra-soothing scent combines hyacinth, citrus and vetiver for a fresh, mind-clearing treat to the nose; $144;




Soothing Rub
Take care of stressed skin and tell your nose to relax with Natio’s Meditate Body Butters. Packed with rich natural oils, they come in a choice of calming fragrances such as nag champa and narcissus attar; $10,