Securely Elegant

Finding stylish tech remains difficult for even the smartest home. Yves Behar has developed a beautiful solution for one of modern life’s most unsightly problems: The security cam.
Text by Sandy Lindsey | August 28, 2018 | Luxury

A venerable brand’s reputation is enhanced with the chic new indoor Yves Behar Hive View Security Camera Collection that is packed with handy features that fit within the aesthetic of even the finest homes. The small detachable magnetic camera attaches to a sophisticated stand designed to sit on a table or shelf or be attached to a wall to provide a 130-degree view as well as manual pan-and-tilt control. It starts recording the moment it detects motion or sound in accordance with your sensitivity settings and can be set up to send a notification to your smartphone. You can check live 1080p streaming anytime you want or you can set the camera to monitor the room only during set hours — and it can see in the dark up to 16 ft. The tiny cube is portable so you can take it off the stand to use it anywhere in the house.;