Second Chance

Car aficionados love to wring their hands and wail: “If only Dad had bought a 1960s Aston Martin way back when and now I had it, I’d be sooooo happy.” If that sounds familiar, here’s your chance for a do-over.
Text by Bill Lindsey | May 12, 2018 | Luxury

The world’s most famous car is a “specially equipped” Aston Martin DB5, driven by a philandering scoundrel named Bond, James Bond. Two of them were built for the Goldfinger and Thunderball movies, one of which resides in The Dezer Collection in North Miami Beach. The other mysteriously disappeared one dark and stormy night in 1997 from an airplane hanger in Boca Raton, never to be seen again. There are no more chances to buy a new DB5, but you can get a new 1963 DB4 GT Coupe. Unlike “tribute” cars such as the Shelby GT kit cars or the David Brown-built DB5 replicas (which are actually Jaguar XKRs wearing a DB5-type body), these DB4s are built by Aston Martin, using the original tooling, aluminum for the bodies and high-tech electronics to ensure that, unlike the originals, they will keep running even if you turn the headlights on. Sadly, ejection seats, machine guns and oil-slick dispensers don’t come standard;