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Sail Away

Looking for a hot, exciting new way to get active? Try kiteboarding! It’s highly recommended to get lessons before you dive in, since zipping across the waves as you’re towed by your own massive kite can be a bit on the dangerous side if not done properly. But once you’re ready to roll, get yourself kitted out at Cabrinha Kites. They’re leaders in the field when it comes to this challenging and exhilarating sport;

Karmic Sampler
Does the idea of choosing a yoga studio leave you feeling restless and uncertain? Fear not. With the Passport to Prana, you can take one sample class at any participating studio in Miami until Aug. 31. Buy your card, activate it online, and you’re ready to roll. It’s a great way to find the right match for your yoga needs without triggering your deep-rooted fear of commitment; $30,

Spa Max
One of the joys of my career as a spa director is what I call the “before-and-after faces”: The frazzled look in my clients’ eyes when they arrive, and the blissful expressions when they depart that confirm we did our job. Recently, however, one guest said that by the time she got home after swerving through traffic, she was back to her “before” face. Sound familiar? Read on.

1. Prepare: Get in the right frame of mind before you arrive at the spa. Play soothing music. Don’t honk at traffic. Breathe.
2. Communicate: Rather than requesting the same massage, give your therapists details about areas of tension so they can customize your experience.
3. Experiment: Try new treatments. Ask for the candles, music, oils and other elements you like.
4. Pamper: Massages boost the immune system and reduce blood pressure, among other health benefits. And, we make it convenient: Spa memberships are just $60 a month.
5. Eat Right: Proper diet and water intake will keep you feeling your best.
6. Indulge: Rather than returning home after a spa visit, many guests book rooms at Conrad Miami and prolong the relaxation.

Paola Pardo, Manager of The Spa at Conrad Miami, balances management with ongoing hands-on practice to stay abreast of her clients’ needs. She is also an avid visitor to her own spa; 1395 Brickell Ave.; 305.503.6533;

Fitness Laughs
We’ve convinced these at-home fitness gadgets were invented by comedians who love the idea of making us look ridiculous, even if they use them themselves. Toss that Shake Weight to the side and head to the gym!

Giddy Up
Did you have a toy pony when you were a kid? Well, the Osim iGallop is basically the same idea: a spring-powered bucking bronco for you to bounce around on while catching up on General Hospital; $198,




Blade Runner
Think of it as the big brother of the Shake Weight — a long plastic bar that wiggles around vigorously once you rattle it. Apparently the workout comes from holding on in order to avoid whacking yourself in the head; $99,




Ropeless Wonder
It’s a jump rope without the rope! Which, as far as we can tell, is basically the same thing as just bouncing up and down in place for no particular reason. Save your dignity and try jogging; $39.95,