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Sail Accessories

In honor of the Miami International Boat Show, we’ve collected some of our top picks for necessary accessories and décor for any seaworthy vessel ready to set sail.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | May 12, 2018 | Culture & Art

1. Outdoor Kitchen by Laboratorio Mattoni Roma Cost: Contact for pricing Why we picked it: Although perhaps not suitable for smaller ships, these fully customizable outdoor kitchens are ideal for the seasoned sailor looking to add a little panache to their galley game. Crafted with the finest industrial materials by one of the true visionaries of the field, these Italian-made treasures will be a boon on or off the high seas. Where to find it: Poltrona Frau Group Miami, 59 NW 36th St.;

2. Personalized Welcome Mats Cost: Contact for pricing Why we picked it: There are few things more dear to a captain’s heart than his boat’s moniker. Celebrate your most intimate possessions epithet by declaiming it at every port and entryway. Available with an array of customizable text as well as an in-boarding mat style. Where to get it:

3. Zarcor Universal Drink Holders Cost: $19.95 Why we picked it: While never-ending carafes of the world’s finest wines are a part of anyone’s nautical dream day, one question inevitably gets left out of these seafaring fancies: How do you keep your drinks upright? Zarcor’s Universal Drink Holder is sure to keep any libation level through even the most gnarly of crests. Where to get it:

4. Nantucket Lightship Baskets Cost: Contact for pricing Why we picked it: As quintessential American folk art, these hand-wrought paragons of colonial craftsmanship are much more than a convenient place to store picnic accouterments. Crafted with techniques refined over the centuries by anxious wives of seamen of old, these handsome hampers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Interested in something more modern? Customizable basket clutches are all the rage among the New England upper-crust. Where to find it:

5. Boat Moc II by Quoddy Cost: $325 Why we picked it: Maine shoemakers of the highest caliber, the good men and women at Quoddy’s make boat shoes the right way. With an output measured in the dozens as opposed the thousands, you can rest assured that when you strap on a pair of Quoddy’s, you’re a proud participant in a vital aspect of America’s seafaring traditions. Where to find it: