Safety First

It’s easily the most pressing issue on the mind of any parent today: How can we possibly keep our children safe while they’re at school? One Miami tech entrepreneur just might have the answer.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | October 30, 2018 | Luxury

It happened just as so many genius technical advances have before: by accident and by chance. Working on an entirely unrelated program dedicated to fee management for a local school, Rene Perez noticed something slightly alarming. While there were occasionally security guards protecting our nation’s most important resource, there seemed to be no automated process whatsoever dictating who was entering, exiting or picking up children from school. Armed with a vast array of technical know-how, Perez developed CONCIERGEpad, an all-in-one security system that cross-references visitor’s IDs with the National Sex Offender registry and a school-specific blacklist to ensure the correct people are interacting with our miniature Miamians, as well as printing visitor badges, texting parents on file when someone picks up their children and an administrator-controlled alert system to staff in the building. Not only proud of his product, Perez is also a proud Miamian excited in our community’s future as a tech hub. “Miami is a great place to operate a tech company for a couple of reasons,” he says. “The first reason is that unlike older, major cities like NYC, Boston or San Francisco where there are a lot of established companies, Miami has a lot of room for opportunities, growth and emerging innovation. The second reason is proximity to Latin America. Miami is now considered the epicenter for further developing partnerships in LatAm, and as a result, company giants like Apple, Facebook, Google and Twitter have all opened offices here to take advantage of the growth.”;