Rugged Ride

The original Ford Bronco was cute, capable and all the rage. But as the years went by, like high school sweethearts of yesteryear that didn’t quite make it, their popularity faded. Sure, a few infamous car chases (well, one) and poor press and reviews, and next thing you know the model vanished into obscurity. Until now.
Words by Bill Lindsey | November 27, 2020 | Lifestyle

Ford’s first attempt at a Jeep-like vehicle was epic. The same size as a Jeep with a roof and doors that came off, ready to go from the dealership to the nearest mountaintop. Sadly, the subsequent models became porky grocery-getters. Someone at Ford woke up and saw the tremendous piles of cash being raked in by the folks at Jeep. In a moment of clarity, they found the designs for the original Ford Bronco and updated it for 2021. It retains the rugged, square-jawed look of the Classic, with modern electronics and power so it’s the same yet better. The latest Bronco is a great alternative to a Jeep. If you order the Sasquatch model, it can take you anywhere you want to go in retro style. Better yet, if you take the doors off your Bronco, there’s room for them in the back and you’ll still have rear-view mirrors;